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Centre for the Third Age Education

Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Guerci

The Project wider objective were to develop, accumulate and take care of human capital
through life-long learning promotion and social inclusion of elderly people into the
system of informal and continuing education in Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.
The Project specific objectives were:

  • To carry out awareness raising campaign on issues related to the Third Age
    Education in Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia.
  • To establish Third Age Education Centres by January 2015 in partner country
    institutions and to maintain their sustainable functioning.
  • To promote equality of schooling and to advance the intergenerational exchange
    between seniors and younger people.

The principal outcomes and outputs of the Project were:

  1. Enhancement of knowledge about issues related to TAE among academic community
    in the 3 partner countries: elaborated TAE Concept and Model; created scientific
    virtual network of EU and partner countries experts working on TAE; research
    papers and practical measures in the field of TAE in partner countries.
  2. Creation of TAE Centres in the 9 partner countries institutions: equipment
    purchased for Centres; trained staff of partner countries institutions;
    developed study programs for seniors.
  3. Pilot operation and autonomous running of the created TAE Centres: equipped
    multimedia TAE Laboratories; 180 seniors trained as trainers; updated study
    programs for seniors.
  4. Dissemination and public awareness of issues related to TAE among community in the partner countries: project dissemination package; developed
    web-platform; increased number of recruited third age students.
  5. Project sustainability: cooperation agreements in the area of TAE; developed
    fundraising plan.
  6. Quality assurance, control and monitoring: improved project study materials
    and services for third age students.

Project management: project working plans and reports (including financial).
This lead to increased number of elderly people included into the
educational system in Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.