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Meeting in Kiev – may 30, 2017

The Centre for The third Age Education – Conference in Kiev – may 30, 2017




































































































International Panel Discussion: Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas: 25 years of Italian-Azerbaijan relationships

DISFOR (University of Genoa) — GENOA, May 12th 2017

Scientific Committee:

Prof. Guido F. Amoretti, DISFOR – University of Genoa
Prof. Alessandro Figus, Link Campus University – Rome
Prof. Ilham Memmedzade, Director Institute of Philosophy, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
Prof.ssa Nicoletta Varani, DISFOR – University of Genoa

Organizing Committee at DISFOR :

Paolo Alongi, DISFOR – University of Genoa tel. 010.20953611, email: paoloalongi@unige.it
Enrico Bernardini, DISFOR – University of Genoa, tel. 010 20953604, email: enrico.bernardini1985@gmail.com
Simone De Andreis, DISFOR – University of Genoa, tel. 010 20953604, email: simone.deandreis@yahoo.it



International Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. Third Age Education: East and West Experience

Baku Eurasian University (Baku, Azerbaijan) / University of Genoa (Genoa, Italy)

21-22 April, 2017 – Baku Business Center

This event has been promoted by Azerbaijan state television