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Impact monitoring visit to Tempus project 544517-2013 “Centre for the Third Age Education”





On the 25th of April 2018 in Samara State Technical University has held “ex-post” impact monitoring visit to Tempus project 544517-2013 “Centre for the Third Age Education” will be implemented Mrs Anna Muraveva – deputy director of National Erasmus+ Office in Russia.

The purpose of the visit is to:
(1) Evaluate the sustainability and impact of the project results locally (in the partner institutions and beyond);
(2) Find evidence on principal factors (during and after the project) having affected the sustainability of the project results;
(3) Find evidence and identify useful indicators for sustainability;
(4) Give recommendations for further sustainability of the project
During the Monitoring the experts meet
-The Governance board of the University
-Third Age Students from Samara State Technical University
-Third Age Students from Kuban State University via Skype
-CTAE project staff from Samara State Technical University
-CTAE project staff from Volga Regional Service University
-Project Manager

April 23-24, 2018, Monitoring Tempus project “Creating a Third Age Education Center”, Ukraine

April 23-24, the DNUU visited the National Erasmus + team in Ukraine. As you know, last year our University successfully completed the project “Creation of the Third Age Education Center”. As predicted by the project, the work of our Third Age University was not completed, the university is going to develop in the future.

On April 24, a presentation of the results received by the project participants, its impact on the university, region, country as a whole took place.
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